Private Training

€ 75,00

Levertijd: 3-5 dag(en)


Your private guide to excellence

Are you looking for a professional trainer/coach with experience, knowledge, track record, and social skills? You found him. Over 50 years of experience in sports and 40 years in teaching, there is a proven track record. Check out facts at 

The proof of knowledge can be found in more than 40 self-written books, thousands of articles in magazines and newspapers, and a few hundred Podcasts and films, the facts are clearly established.

In addition, teaching on a national and international level since 1979 has been a clear social advantage.

All this quality is at your disposal as guidance and personal advice.

What are the possibilities?

• Overall improvement of your fitness

• Strength and speed training.

• Technique, specifically in martial arts and fitness

• Weight Gain or loss as a goal

• Preparation for competition or event (eg wedding)

• Performance increase

• Another objective

How do we do it?

1. Together we draw a goal plan

2. Through testing, we look at your options

3. We map a way to the goal with checks in between

4. Regular checks and updates

How much time do we take?

• A workout can last from 30 to 90 minutes. You decide.

• You can train 1 but also 5 times a week. Also, twice a day.

• Ultimately, we determine together what is realistic and possible.

Where do we train?

• In the store, limited space but everything is available.

• At your home, if possible.

• A gym


• For individual training € 55

• For a series of 10 training sessions € 500

How many people?

• Personal training is with one (1) person

• It is possible to train with 3 or more people under a different agreement.

Additional options

• Injury treatment

• Relaxation and energizing

• Nutritional guidance and/or with supplements

• Mental coaching

• Stress and violence coaching

• Self defense

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