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Private/Personal training

Private and Personal differ in that you are always one-on-one with your trainer/coach in a private session. In Personal training, there could be more people who also receive the attention of the trainer/coach.

Are you seeking a professional trainer/coach with experience, knowledge, track record, and social skills? You found him. With over 55 years of experience in sports and 40 years in teaching, there is a proven track record. Check out facts at .

All this quality is at your disposal as guidance and personal advice. We have different trainers with a long and reliable track record available for your perfection.

What are the possibilities?

• Overall improvement in your fitness, mental stability, recovery of injuries, and knowledge

• Strength and speed training, overall agility, mobility, and mental strength

• Technique, specifically in martial arts and fitness, mental enhancement, self-conditioning, and self-defense

• Weight Gain or loss as a goal, recovery of injuries

• Preparation event (eg, wedding) or work

• Performance increases physical and mental

• Another objective


0 Boxing (Traditional)

0 Boxa (Switch or brain boxing)

0 Dutch Kick Boxing

0 Dutch Dutch Muay Thai

0 Medical Yoga

0 Ground training (combination of wrestling/judo / MMA / BJJ for condition only)

0 Different Therapy options ( PMT / Emotion control / Aggression control / Assertivity training)

0 Self-Defense (Mental & physical)

How do we do it?

1. Together, we draw a goal plan

2. Through testing, we look at your options

3. We map a way to the goal with checks in between

4. Regular checks and updates

How much time do we take?

• A workout lasts 60 minutes

• You can train one but also five times a week. Also, twice a day.

• Ultimately, we determine together what is realistic and possible.

Where do we train?

• At Spui 202 in the Center of The Hague

• At your home, if possible (additional costs are charged)

• A gym (additional costs are charged)


• A training is € 50 per person per session

Due to our service's popularity, we advise you to book a trial session first.

How many people?

Our capacity is a maximum of three persons per session.

Additional options

• Massage and Injury treatment

• Relaxation and energizing

• Nutritional guidance and/or supplements

• Mental coaching

• Stress and violence coaching

• Self-defense

* Massage (injury treatment / specific target) price equals equal training for 30 minutes.

Sample training sessions can be found here.:

and hundreds of other movies and Podcasts.


- 24 hours in advance policy. Every training needs to be canceled a minimum of 24 hrs in advance. Otherwise, full payment is charged.

- At the first session, two training will be charged. After that, you pay per training or buy a series card.

- Under some circumstances, your preferred trainer can be replaced by another (sickness or worse)

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