Dutch Muay Thai Boxing Bag workout

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Dutch Style Muay Thai Bag workout is famous for its powerhouse, continuously striving for more and better. Learn why we deliver so many champions, and why we are a great nation in the sport. Check out the workout and join me on your road to being better, healthier, more relaxed, and anticipating. Get ready and follow me.

CHECK THE MOVIE; https://youtu.be/1kSSCsFYBqw

For this training, we use the 1-minute round system.
Each round is 1 minute only and there are no breaks between rounds.
We move from one exercise into the other without stopping.

•Round 1 – Double punch low kick with the left leg.
•Round 2 – Double punch with low kick of the right leg.
•Round 3 – Double punch and kick with left followed by double punch kick with right leg.
•Round 4 – Double punch and turning knee with right knee
•Round 5 - Double punch and turning knee with left knee
•Round 6 - Double punch and turning knee with right knee followed by double punch and left knee strike.
•Round 7 – Roundhouse knee only with right
•Round 8 - Roundhouse knee only with left
•Round 9 – Double punch roundhouse knee right followed by double punch roundhouse knee left
•Round 10 – Push knee right side
•Round 11 – Push knee left side
•Round 12 – Push knee right side followed by left side and punches
•Round 13 – Elbow strike horizontal right side
•Round 14 - Elbow strike horizontal left side
•Round 15 – Double elbow strike right and left continuously
•Round 16 – Push elbow right
•Round 17 – Push elbow left
•Round 18 – Push elbow on both sides continuously
•Round 19 – Down strike turning elbow right
•Round 20 - Down strike turning elbow left
•Round 21 - Down strike turning elbow with both arms continuously
•Round 22 – Lightning downward elbow strike right side
•Round 23 - Lightning downward elbow strike left side
•Round 24 - Lightning downward elbow strike both sides
•Round 25 – Turning elbow right
•Round 26 – Turning elbow left
•Round 27 – With back against the back two elbow strikes head high
•Round 28 - With back against the back two elbow stomach height
•Round 29 – Roundhouse kick midsection with left leg
•Round 30 - Roundhouse kick midsection with right leg
•Round 31 - Roundhouse kick midsection with both legs