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Hello, this is trainer Arnaud van der Veere, from The Hague Netherlands. Today we come to the 3-minute rounds. Between each round, we take a break of 45 seconds. During this time, you receive more instructions. 3-minute training sessions are always different from the others as you receive instructions during the round that you must follow up. We do only 15 rounds, an easy job for you.


We start with a general warming up of 3 minutes and 45 seconds. Let's go.

1- Warming up boxing round. Use any technique to warm up. Listen to instructions, and follow up at once you hear them.

2- Triple punch. Left leg front. Start the left jab, follow with a hook, and end with a left liver punch. Step back and move in again. Listen to other instructions during the round.

3- High/low punching. We start with two punches at head level and follow up with two punches at body level.

4- Power round 1. One round to warm you up more. Listen to instructions.

5- Speed round 1. One round to pull your punches.

6- Technical round 1. We use two punches in different combinations and listen to instructions.

7- Continue round 1. This round is non-stop punching.

8- Left / right round 1. During this round, we stand left and right leg in front and use a constant variation of punches, and listen to instructions.

9- Power round 2. You are warm now and able to give absolute power to your punches. Listen to instructions.

10- Speed round 2. For this round, we focus on throwing punches as fast as possible.

11- Technical round 2. This round, we use again the triple punch and let the different techniques follow each other while following the step instructions.

12- Left/right round 2. During this round we stand left and right leg in front and use a constant variation of punches, listening to instructions.

13- Continue round 2. Non-stop punching while following instructions.

14- Different distance fighting. During this round, we use different punches at several distances from the back. Now you understand the 100%, 75%, 50%, and 25% punches.

15- General round of continued boxing where you make a series of punches and little break time between series.

Great, you did finish the training. Enjoyed it? Some of you are following my training sessions at healthy intervals and see a result and progress. Currently, there are many different bag training sessions available, and new ones to come. Do you want to know more or book a personal or group training session? Contact me and give it a try. For now, have a healthy rest, and see you next time. This is trainer Arnaud van der Veere from The Hague, Netherlands.

Contact me through the website or email. use WhatsApp +31628096907 or email info @ forceone . nl (take away the spaces).

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